1. Why do you need a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is placed inside a company to offload some of the work off of the CEO and/or other team members. If you have tedious tasks that you need someone else to take care of or you are looking to scale faster, then hiring a team of VA’s will be a move that you need to make.

We have placed many different types of roles in the last year and one of the most popular roles is appt setting. Instead of having the sales rep send a ton of emails/messages, the VA takes over so the sales rep can focus on being on calls and closing more deals. For instance, our best appt setters book 10-20 appts a week! Appt setter is just one of the many positions we offer. If you need some graphic design work done, we can help. What about media buying and taking over your current ads, we got you covered.

The most important thing to remember is that when you are looking to grow the business it is an absolute MUST to find A players. This starts with your VA team since they are normally the first hirings an online business makes.

2. What are the common denominators our best clients have when it comes to successfully placing and keeping their virtual assistants?

The number one reason we see is that these business owners do not just hire from a place of desperation. These businesses/agencies/consultants already have proven processes, offers, systems and much more in place.

They truly NEED a virtual assistant to take a load off their back. It is a top priority for them to find A players. Whether it is appt setters, media buyers, graphic designers, data entry people, whatever it is… These people that are looking to hire whatever role they are looking for BECOME that role first before hiring. They dictate what the day to day looks like, what KPI must be met, and overall what this job will entail. They are not guessing. Data is what these business owners follow, not their emotions.

Overall the owners build the right SOP’s, processes, and KPI’s around the role they are seeking, so whenever the time comes to hire someone, the person has a roadmap for succession.

3. What does a part-time VS a full-time virtual assistant look like?

A part-time virtual assistant is someone who will work between 15-25 hours per week. Preferably on a set schedule but it does not have to be. This person may also have another job on the side. Most of our clients that start with part-time VA’s eventually grow this role to a full-time position if the company scales and the VA performs.

A full-time position is someone who will work between 30-40 hours per week. They focus on working in the business every single weekday. Weekends are off unless instructed on the interviews that this is a must, and the VA agrees.

4. What tasks do the media buyers do on a regular basis?

They are checking the status of ads and making sure they are consistently performing. They also make tweaks to the copy, audience, targeting or whatever needs to be corrected. There is a KPI that must be met and that is up to the business owner to dictate.

5. When is the best time to hire a media buyer?

The best time to hire for this role is when your ads are ready to be handed over to another person because you are in scale mode. This means your ads are working! KPI is being met and if you can finally find someone who can basically copy and paste your system so your business can scale faster. If you have not figured out the ads portion yet, and don’t really know where to start, hiring an international media buyer could help you solve this problem but it is unlikely. Advanced media buyers don’t charge less than $2500/$3000/mo so if you can’t afford that, stay away from media buyers in the beginning phase of your agency. An average media buyer goes for $1500-$2500/mo.

6. When is the best time to hire an appt setter?

This is normally the first hire most agency owners make. As soon as you pick your niche & you have your offer in place, now it's time to set appts. There are many ways of doing this but like stated above, find where your audience is hanging around on social media. Most agency owners start with organic appt setters, meaning these guys send messages on FB, IG, LINK. They also prospect on FB groups, TIKTOK, and any other platform. These setters are using your scripts to get you more appointments on your calendar. The best setters are the ones who can hold a conversation on their own. These are the ones we find for our clients.

7. If the virtual assistant does not work out how does your replacement

guarantee work?

We have a 6-week replacement guarantee so if the VA quits/gets fired we will replace this individual for free. Our team will be checking in with the both of you on a regular basis to ensure everything is working properly. We will replace up to three people for this role. Our goal is to place the best person for each role but the ultimate deciding factor is the business owner. If after the third replacement our company did not meet your standard, we will send you a full refund. The 6 weeks probation starts, the FIRST day our VA starts working for you. Not after payment.

8. How long does this process take?

FAVA moves F A S T. What that means is that after the payment is made, within 24 hours you will have VA’s for the role you are looking for in your inbox. These VA’s have gone through a thorough process before being sent to you and as soon as you tell us you are ready to interview, we will be conducting the interview on our zoom. We want to keep this process as stress free as possible, so all communication with the VA’s is done through us. After conducting the interviews, you are welcome to put these people through a certain skill test (you can also send a skill test before the interviews) and if they pass, it is time to hire! This whole process normally takes a week, at most 10 business days.

9. How much should I pay my virtual assistant?

This all depends on the role you are hiring for. The lowest our VA’s go for is $4 an hour. This is for more of a general VA (admin tasks). Appt setters start at $5 an hour and media buyers start at $6 an hour. The more experience and skill the person has, they will demand a bit more. Our job is to find quality people, NOT CHEAP people. FAVA will also negotiate with the VA on your behalf to make sure you're not over budget for this particular hire(s).

10. Why should we go with FAVA over Upwork /Fiverr/Onlinejobs or other platforms?

This is a question we get all the time… Our answer is simply two words -> TIME & EFFICIENCY. Of course you can go on these free websites and do your own research, but the most valuable asset for a business owner is their time. Instead of going through 100s of applications, videos, and conducting SO MANY interviews, why not pay a small ONE TIME fee to save you time so that within 24 hours you have people ready to be interviewed for the exact role you are looking for. There is also NO guarantee with these websites, and no extra resources, courses, support that you would get working with us. If we can save you time by finding you A players then our mission is accomplished.

11. What makes FAVA different?

The amount of care we have for our clients & our VA’s is what truly drives us. Our goal is to have a winning formula which looks like this… win/win/win scenario.

The client has to be happy with the VA. The VA has to be happy with the client.

This is the only way FAVA wins. Customer support is our #1 priority. Without happy clients/VA’s we do not have a business. We have been able to build a business (front end and back end) purely on word of mouth. FAVA is here to provide world class talent to world class businesses all done with the highest intent of integrity.

12. What is the cost to hire from FAVA?

FAVA has many different packages since we get all types of applicants. Some of our clients move forward with a package of VAs so we give them a small discount. Our prices range from $2000-$5000, depending on the role you are seeking. There is also an insurance clause that happens after the 4 weeks which is only $69/mo. We also offer payment plans on the higher tear roles you are seeking.

13. What is your vetting process like?

Our process starts with a thorough application process. This normally takes 15-25 minutes to complete. The VA is then required to send us a 2-4 minute video about themself, their skill sets, why they are a good fit and any previous experience they have had. The last step on the application is to request to be added to our private FB group.

After this is completed, they add our head recruiter Roz on F.B and send her a message. Roz then checks their application to ensure everything was completed, and books them for an interview with Hanna who is our head of talent assessment. Hanna conducts the interview and goes over the application and asks 20 more questions like “what are your short term / long term goals? Do you have any other jobs/clients on the side? Tell us more about your last job experience, why are you no longer there?”

The goal here is to disqualify any non serious people, anyone with bad English, and anyone else that does not fit what our clients are looking for.

The #1 thing we look for is the English level for these individuals. It is A MUST that their English is almost perfect in three aspects. Reading, writing, and speaking. If this is not met, they are immediately disqualified.

14. Can I hire someone before paying FAVA?

Unfortunately we can not have a VA get hired from us without the initial payment being made. We do have payment plan options that can help the business in terms of cash flow but in order for us to conduct our process and find an A player, we have to be paid first. Our guarantee is in place to make sure no matter what our clients will win. In the worst case scenario, we will refund the full amount for wasted time.

15. Where do most hirings come from?

Our primary focus is in Latin America (Central/South America). We have had a lot of good applicants come from there. That being said, many of VA’s have come from the Philippines, India, Pakistan, and other countries. What we care for is quality. If the person can speak almost perfect English and has the skills that our clients are looking for, then we help this person get a job.

16. How do you guys find most of your virtual assistants?

There are three ways:

1. We run ads on Facebook and target Latin America.

2. We have a full-time recruiter that goes hunting on LinkedIn and Facebook on a regular basis finding 20+ qualified applicants from all over the world.

3. VA referrals. We have created a pool of referrals not just for us to get new clients but for us to get more qualified VAs. On a regular basis, we get newly-referred VA’s in our pipeline.

As we grow there will be more ways for us to get VA’s. Lots of things we are working on to support our clients the best way we can.

17. Do you guys train the VA’s beforehand?

The virtual assistants that came our way are already trained. Our vetting process is so thorough that we make sure that they have the experience and skills that are necessary for each company that is going to hire them in the near future. That said, we do offer a course that is specifically made for virtual assistants, and it focuses on go high-level, Zapier, organic appointment setting, and many other things.

18. Do I have a limit for interviewing people?

We will initially send you three people to interview and normally those are the top 3 applicants that we have for the role you are seeking. That being said, sometimes it does take more than three interviews to find the best person. Until you are happy with who we send, we won’t stop. But again we have to preface this. The first three people we send are normally the best ones.

19. How do I pay this person?

There are many options to look at. The one we use the most is You can also use PayPal, World Remit, gusto, Payoneer, and other platforms. We will tell you the way this VA has gotten paid before to make your life easier. Payment is normally due once a month (beginning of the month) but it is up to you and your company. If you prefer to pay bi-weekly, or weekly, you are more than welcome to do that.

20. What are some strategies for appointment setting?

This all depends on your niche. Some niches have a big audience on Facebook. Others have it on LinkedIn. It is 100% on you to do your own research and find where your audience is. Once you do that, craft an offer and scripts that will get their attention. Test those scripts and see if they are converting to actual appointments. If so, you might be ready for an appt setter.

21. Does FAVA offer a referral program?

If we helped you find a rockstar VA(s) and you were beyond happy with our process and the results… Maybe you know someone who also needs a virtual assistant. Maybe another agency owner, or a consultant, or just another business owner. If you connect our CEO - Omer Bloch with them on F.B or I.G and they become our client, we will pay you 10% of the initial setup (could be $150-$400) PER referral.