Latam Sourcer

We are seeking a highly skilled sourcer that can help find candidates all over Latin America that will apply with our company, go through our vetting process and ultimately help them find long term careers with our clients. This opportunity will focus on utilizing the platforms we have and doing whatever it takes to find high level candidates. Our systems, and SOPs are in place, now we are looking for the right person to take on this job.

Full time
Fluent English
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Salary: $700-2000 USD

Benefits: Include bonuses, incentives, and commissions

Full time: 40 hours per week

Schedule: Monday - Friday 9AM-5PM (Weekends off)

What This Job Entails

- Using remoteco, linkedin, fb groups and many others to find high level candidates.

- Building relationships with the candidates through different platforms.

- Have a deep understanding of what our vetting process is.

- Have a deep understanding of what our clientele looks like and seeks in terms of talent.

- Connecting the candidates through the FAVA // Remote Latino vetting process.

- Knowing different types of candidates our company is seeking.

- Follow up, master. Never take no for an answer from a candidate whom we truly believe we can help and service.

- Identifying what each candidate wants.

- Following SOPs and guidelines to ensure the RIGHT candidates make it through the process.

- Be able to message 100+ candidates at a time.

- Being responsive and quick witted.

- High level of English grammar.

- Having high intuition based candidate portfolios, resumes, videos, application, and interviews.

- Being coachable and receiving feedback from our team and leaders.

- Being coachable and receiving feedback from candidates.

- Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

- Being able to take a candidate who already has a job elsewhere and have them go through our process.

- Create job postings like a CEO and attract high level candidates.

- Understand how to market what we do on the platforms we use.

Required Skills

- Highly proficient communicator.

- Fast and effective responder.

- High level of understanding of the recruiter // head hunter position.

- Driven, competitive, and confident with setting expectations with team members.

- Quintessential attention-to-detail.

- Impeccable time-management skills.

- Ability to multitask and multi-manage hundreds of candidates.

- Self-starter -- you are comfortable working 100% remotely, managing projects, and meeting deadlines without direct supervision.

- Coachable -- you are excited to participate in ongoing training and constantly push yourself to get better and better.

- Team player -- you can collaborate with a small team, ask for help when needed, and delegate tasks.

- Relational -- you get excited at the prospect of building long-term relationships with clients.

- Proactive -- you strive to get ahead of a problem, instead of waiting for it to become a full- blown fire.

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