1. How long does it take for the application to be approved?

The application process starts with submitting our form. In the form, we must have a 2-4 minute video about yourself, your skills/experiences, and anything that would help us find you a job. You then will need to request to be added to our private FB group (FAVA in training).

Lastly, please add our recruiters on Facebook if you have not yet, and send them a message. They will take a look at everything you submitted and if you qualify for an interview, we will book you with Hannalyn or Geraldine who conduct all of our interviews. You will be approved after the interview with our team, and once we find the perfect client for you, we will make the introduction on Facebook.

2. How many hours should I work?

We have part-time (10-15 hours per week), half-time (20 hours per week) and full-time (40 hours a week) positions, please keep in mind, most of our agencies are looking for full-time positions, so if you want to start part-time, eventually you will be requested to go full time (The time decision on this is up to the business owner).

3. How much is the salary?

It all depends on the position for example:

General Virtual Assistant/ organic outreach/ admin tasks start at $4/hr

Appointment setters/ callers start at $6/hr

Media buyers start between $1500- $2500/mo

Video editors/graphic designers: $1000-$1500/mo

GHL Experts / marketing automation experts: $1000-$1500/mo

VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER… if you are more experienced/have a high skill set, you are welcome to ask for more money. For instance, we have appt setters who start at $7/hr, and video editors that start at $2,000/mo. Our range of clients is HUGE. Do not be afraid to apply and at least try and see if we can help.

4. Where is FAVA based?

Headquarters are in Atlanta, GA, but our team is all over the world. From Ecuador to the Philippines to Chicago.

5. Which industries does FAVA work with?

We work with many industries. Most of our clients are digital marketing agencies that focus on a single niche like -> real estate, chiropractic, roofing, solar, med spa, e-commerce, etc. We always try to connect you with the right agency based on your background. We also have coaching/consultant clients ECOM brands, lawyers, physical therapists and many more that work with us.

6. Is there anything I need to pay FAVA for?

NOTHING! All we ask is that if you are applying, please be serious. Show up on time. Act professional. We work very hard to make sure we can find you a job, and that our clients are happy.

7. Do you receive any commission from my salary?

We don’t receive a dime from your paycheck. You will be paid directly by our client. The business owner already paid us for the course and the F.B group. You'll have access to everything once you are officially hired.

8. Can I apply if I live out of the United States?

ABSOLUTELY!! We place people from all around the world. Most of our applicants come from Central/South America and the Philippines. But we also get people from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and many other places. Feel free to apply wherever you live.

9. How often do I get paid?

This will be a decision your CEO will make. Most of our VA’s get paid once a month, if that is a problem, please bring this up during the interview. We do have people who get paid bi-weekly but it has to be agreed upon before getting hired.

10. What does the schedule look like?

90% of our clients are US-based meaning they work 9-5 EST. Some live in the west coast so the work schedule would be around 11 PST - 6 PST. Every client has a different schedule so it really boils down to them. We do have clients in the U.K and Australia, but not many. If you can not work US times, please make sure to put that in the application.

11. Do you only use PayPal to send payments?

No, we don’t. Our clients have different platforms like Xoom, Payoneer, Veem, Transferwise, Paypal, and many others. Please mention in the interview which platform is best for you. If you do not know, please find out before the interview so we can have you set up. Xoom is the platform FAVA uses most.

12. What are the benefits?

Since you are an independent contractor, there are no benefits to these jobs. You could get bonuses if the company that hires you offers bonuses. Pay raise will come within time but more importantly with better performance. We have VA’s that have 3-4x their initial starting pay.

13. Does FAVA offer a referral program?

If you have any friends, family members, or anyone you know that is looking for a VA job, and they go through our entire application process (put your name on the initial form, submit a 2-5 min video, join our FB group, and go through Roz and Hanna) AND they get hired with one of our clients will send you $50 per referral. (This VA must stick for at least 6 weeks in order for this to count).

14. How do you guys earn money if you are not taking a pay cut from us (VAs)?

We get paid off then initial set up cost and recurring insurance clause we have in place. Our clients also come back and get more VA’s from us and refer more business. We have been able to grow like this without taking a PENNY from the VA. This will not stop. Our mission is to place 10,000+ from all over the world into remote jobs and help them increase their value so they can get paid more than the average person in their country.